3 Surprising Dwarf Basil Cocktail Recipes For Your Next Houseparty

3 Surprising Dwarf Basil Cocktail Recipes For Your Next Houseparty


We have a new superstar among our refills - the Dwarf Basil. It's basically the regular basil after the extreme makeover. The same capabilities and good qualities in a lot more compact and better looking form. It has a slightly more peppery flavor that's amazing for spicing up savory dishes. But that's not it. The great looks make it a lot better for herb cocktails - it gives up a lot more flavor and it makes the cocktail look more decorative. Here's our 3 favorite recipes!


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 Basil Jalapeno Margarita

Author: whatkatieate.com


Cut 1 lime into quarters and add along with all its juice into a chilled cocktail shaker along with 7-8 large mint leaves and 8-12 dwarf basil leaves, and muddle together. Try to really extract all the juice from the lime. Then add 2oz. of sugar syrup, 2 oz. of white tequila and 2oz. of Jalapeno tequila along with a good handful of crushed ice. Close the shaker and give it all a good mix. Pour the strained cocktail in a glass, half filled with ice and garnish with a dwarf basil stem.



Blackberry Basil Bourbon Smash

 Author: lynseylovesfood.com


Add ½ tbsp. of honey syrup to ½ tbsp. of boiling water. Stir to combine. Put 4 blackberries, 4 pairs of dwarf basil leaves, 1 ½ tsp. of lemon juice and ½ tbsp. of honey syrup in a cocktail glass. Gently muddle to break up the blackberries. Add 1 ½ oz. of bourbon and a handful of ice. Top with soda water and stir to combine.



Grapefruit-Lemongrass Cocktail

Author: swoonedmagazine.com


Juice half a grapefruit, removing the seeds. Add 3 oz. of water, 1.5 ounces of rum, a dash of bitters, the grapefruit juice and 3 tbsp. of brown sugar to a cocktail shaker to combine. Add a handful of fresh dwarf basil to a glass with ice, and pour the mixture over the top. Garnish with a lemongrass stalk or a dwarf basil stem.


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