Dos & Don'ts

Please read the following instructions carefully, to ensure you get the maximum out of your Click and Grow Smart Garden products and enjoy fresh herbs, veggies, or flowers for a long time.

Please place your indoor garden in clean and ventilated area.

The plants should get light for 16 hours daily for healthy growth. As the product has an inbuilt timer, it would be good to have the uninterrupted power supply.

In case of break in electricity, please make sure to reset the lamp in the morning to start a new cycle – according to your time6am-10pm/7am-11pm /8am-12pm etc. You should always wait for at least 10 seconds after unplugging the lamp to allow it reset and then plug in again to start a new cycle.

If you experience frequent failures in electricity, please close the unit at night around 10pm/11pm and start it back after 8hours around 6pm/7pm respectively.

Please monitor water float indicator regularly. When that hits the bottom, and you cannot bob it up-and-down with your finger then it’s time to refill the tank.

Please use the drinking water for watering the plants.

Please do say Hello to your babies whenever you pass by!

Please do not put the unit in direct sunlight.

Do not directly pour water into plants at any time. You can only water the plant by filling water into the tank.

If you have any additional queries or need help with any of the products check out our FAQs or submit a query to our Support desk – 

We are always here to make sure; you enjoy every bit of your experience with your smart gar dens. If you cannot find the answer to your question on our website, please write to

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend cleaning the product before inserting a new pod. Just pour out the water from the unit and rinse the water reservoir carefully with warm water. 

Two main reasons that can cause mold are overwatering and too much warmth. So, it’s very important that when you add water, the float shouldn’t rise above the surface of the lid. We would recommend that the float should stay in the middle of the tank. If your plant pods still seem too wet (which cause moss and mold), just click the pods out of the garden for 1-2 days to let them dry. Also, make sure that the temperature inside your home is okay for the plants. The best average temperature to grow your plants is 18C to 30C.

You can also try to scrape off the mold but gently as to not damage the plants or seeds. The plants (seeds) will still be okay to grow and use after the mold has been removed.

Check out this video for more.

Lack of pollination usually results in few or no fruits. To help blossoms pollinate, gently shake your plant, or use a paint brush to move pollen from one blossom to the next.

Different plants have different life cycles. Most plants in the SmartGarden grow for 2-3 months, chili peppers and some blooming plants up to 6months. The lifetime of a plant also depends on the light available, your roomtemperature and the way you look after the plant. For example, if you cut offall leaves off an edible herb at once, the plant may die. Also, plants startedin winter months may take longer to grow.

Most plants sprout within 1-2 weeks, with some fruiting plants taking upto 3 weeks in some cases. If your plants have not sprouted within 3 weeks, then definitely contactour support who will help you out with any problems.

All our plant pods have a shelf life of 2 years in dark, cool and dry conditions.

The light timer starts every time you plug the lamp in. It works for 16 hours straight and then turns off for 8 hours.

Our products work within a range of 100-240V. The Smart Garden 3 uses 6W, whereas the Smart Garden 9 uses 12W.

You can use the water float indicator to monitor the overall waterlevel. When that hits the bottom, and you cannot bob it up-and-down with your finger then it is time to refill the tank. The water tank lasts for about 2-3 weeks, depending on the plants but you can fill up the tank sooner if necessary.

Basically, you would need to take the Smart Soil from your package and insert it into the plastic cup that you have in the Smart Garden.

The Smart Garden 3:

12in x 5.5in x 11in / 30cm x 14cm x 28cm. (length, width, height, with one extension)

Without the extensions it is about 15cm/6in; with two extensions 44cm/17in.

The Smart Garden 9:

23in x 5.5in x 11in / 59cm x 14cm x 28cm. (length, width, height, with one extension)

Without the extensions it is about 15cm/6in; with two extensions 44cm/17in.