6 Reasons To Get An Indoor Gardening Kit for your pet

6 Reasons To Get An Indoor Gardening Kit for your pet
Looking for a way to keep your pets healthy while stuck indoors? If so, an indoor garden could be just what you need. It doesn’t require any special skills to use. It’s fully automated, you simply add plant pods, fill the tank with water and plug it in. Your pets will have a curious new attraction to observe, guard and interact with. Here are 6 reasons why bringing home an indoor garden will improve your pet’s life:
1. Smart gardens bring nature indoors
Do you have a pet who stares out the window, longing to be outside? An indoor garden is a great way to bring nature indoors. Your pet will appreciate being surrounded by greenery, especially during those days when you aren’t able to take them for a walk. Why not place a Smart Garden 3 by their favourite windowsill? Smart gardens are designed to take up minimal space in your home.
2. Grow nutritious treats for your pet
Pets love variety. In addition to their regular food, an indoor garden gives you the chance to grow nutritious treats for your pets. Your pets deserve the best - our products contain no additives whatsoever. Greens that dogs can eat in moderation include peas and kale. Cats enjoy catnip and can also eat lettuce. If you have a rabbit, romaine lettuce and pak choi are tasty options. Every pet is unique, though, and some have sensitive digestive systems. If you’re unsure on whether your pet can eat a certain green, always check with a qualified veterinarian!
3. Pets love our packaging
When you buy an indoor garden, your pet may find some unique ways to use our recyclable packaging. Cats, in particular, love to use Click & Grow boxes to relax in. Cats feel comfortable and secure in enclosed spaces. They like boxes because it’s a safe zone where they can observe the world and not be seen. 
4. It can be used as a comfort light
Your indoor garden can double as a comfort lamp when your pet is home alone. It also works really well as a night light for pets who need one. You won’t have to worry about a large electricity bill either. 
5. A source of entertainment for your pet
An indoor garden will pique your pet’s curiosity. It’s unlike any object they’ve seen at home before.  Cats, in particular, enjoy playing with the water float which bobs up and down. The smart garden features sturdy, mess-free design which covers the soil. The growing area is accessible and ready for your little critter to explore.
6. It’s a great place to nap
Before you plant a new set of pods, your pet can relax under the grow lights of your indoor garden. Some like to use it as their personal tanning bed! It will make for some cool photos to share with your friends and followers on social media.