Brighten up the festival of lights with a Smart Garden

Brighten up the festival of lights with a Smart Garden

The happiest time of the year is almost here but if your loved ones are away from home and alone, it can get a little gloomy. But you can brighten up their Diwali this year!

Gift them a fully automated Smart Indoor Garden

Grow fresh and healthy greens, fruits and herbs all year round with a self-growing indoor garden. Grow real food, eat real good!

Dry fruit boxes & assorted chocolates are outdated. An indoor garden gift shows an appreciation for unique, original items. Rather than relying on clichéd gift ideas, you’ve opted for a memorable gift that will last for years to come. 

What makes the Smart Garden produce so unique?

It is 100% fresh

Fruits and vegetables tend to lose 50% of their healthy nutrients within a week of being harvested. This doesn’t bode well for store-bought food that’s been harvested early and travelled many miles before it reaches the shelves. Smart Garden gives you a garden-to-plate experience. You harvest the food when it’s ready and at its optimal nutritional value. The result is the freshest fruits, herbs and salad greens you’ve ever tasted. 


Contains more useful nutrients with high antioxidative activity

Tests also indicate that antioxidative activity in fresh Smart Garden produce is 1.8 times higher than store-bought produce in plastic boxes and 3 times higher than produce grown in a hydroponic system. This is possible due to the way smart soil technology feeds plants. We have a unique smart soil created for every plant species. This is also why the taste of greens and herbs is more intense than in the store-bought produce. You can enjoy our edible plants knowing they are super nutritious.

Free from BPA packaging 

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic compound associated with numerous health complications. Unfortunately, BPA can be found in many plastics and canned food containers, such as those you find in grocery stores. None of our products contains BPA. We’re proud of the fact that our packaging is now more sustainable than ever!


Make a sustainable promise and gift your loved ones a Smart Garden today!