Gardening: A Holistic Approach To Women's Health & Well-being

Gardening: A Holistic Approach To Women's Health & Well-being

Throughout their lives, women play different roles. She is a daughter & a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, a daughter-in-law, the home-maker & the bread-winner! 

Aside from the different roles that a woman plays, they also have to go through changes in their bodies at every stage of life. These changes can often be difficult to deal with. Here's how plants can help women with a holistic approach to your health & wellbeing -  


Plants make your working environment more welcoming

According to a study carried out in the Netherlands and the UK, bringing plants into a working environment increased productivity by 15%. One of the study’s authors, Professor Haslam, has suggested: “Office landscaping helps the workplace become a more enjoyable, comfortable and profitable place to be.”
Another study conducted in the US found that almost 10% of sick days could be attributed to things such as a lack of nature and natural light in the office.
Furthermore, this analysis suggests that simply being able to see natural beauty can have a positive effect on your mood and self-esteem. It’s no surprise that we work more effectively when we’re happier!


Help you sleep better

Plants such as basil are known for their soothing effects on the mind and body. Drinking teas made of certain plants can also assist with sleep. Also, plants give your bedroom a more soothing, welcoming atmosphere, helping you unwind.


Food Management

When going to the store turns less into a daily and more often a monthly activity then maintaining a healthy variety and amount of fresh vitamin rich salads, herbs, fruits and veggies in your home becomes breathtakingly difficult. Fruits and vegetables typically lose 50% of their healthy nutrients within one week.

On the other hand, even the fresh farmed food in our stores has become less nutritious within the past decades. Unsustainably intense farming practices, overuse of fertilizers, rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere and prioritizing higher yield instead of higher content when choosing cultivated plant varieties has left its mark.

A smart solution for ensuring your daily need of healthy nutrients is to start growing your own vitamin rich food at home. Making fresh, vitamin rich food accessible, affordable and easy to grow is our mission at Click & Grow. That’s why growing with Click & Grow gives you 3 times more antioxidants and a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals than you could receive from store bought food.

Keep acne at bay

Did you know that tomatoes are very good at treating acne? They are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K, which are often found in acne medications.
Specifically, vitamin C protects your skin from pollutants, free radicals and damage from the Sun. Vitamin C also stimulates the production of collagen, a connective tissue that helps with skin firmness and cell renewal. You can grow your very own mini tomatoes in a smart garden.