Got Pets? Here Are 10 Reasons Why They’ll Adore Click & Grow!

Got Pets? Here Are 10 Reasons Why They’ll Adore Click & Grow!

Animals make the world a better place! They brighten our mood, make us laugh and teach us how to be lighthearted…And we’re pretty sure they secretly enjoy indoor gardening too!

Here are 10 reasons your pets will absolutely adore Click & Grow:

1. Radical LED Lights

There’s something about a Smart Garden’s beautiful LED lights that captures pets’ attention. You see, garden lights are so much more than an intangible bundle of photons. Just ask this hamster…

2. Intriguing Plant Aromas

Pets such as cats and dogs have a far heightened sense of smell than we do. They love checking out which plants you’re growing. Why not ask for their opinions on what to grow next?

3. Bobbly Water Float

A Smart Garden’s water float bobbles up and down, doubling as an intriguing toy. Perfect for teaching pets the laws of flotation.

4. Technology Means a Lot to Pets

Click & Grow’s technology makes indoor gardening simple and fun. Pets love technology. Sometimes they make more use of it than we do.

5. Click & Grow Brings Nature Indoors

It’s safe to say most pets love the great outdoors… But what about when it’s rainy and muddy? Well, they still get to enjoy the sight of greenery from the comfort of their home!

6. Plants Excite Animals

Did you know cats love catnip? Why not grow some in your Smart Garden? It’ll save your cat from having to buy it on the black market.

7. Pets Love Variety

Your pets will never get bored examining the contents of your Smart Garden. One season you could be growing basil, another season it could be chilies and another season it could be mini tomatoes… You’ll keep them guessing!

8. Pets Enjoy Guarding Your Smart Garden

Your Smart Garden is indoors and that’s a territory they share with you. No other creature is allowed to come close.

9. Click & Grow’s Plants are Organic

Pets love fresh, nutritious food. That’s why they’re proud to endorse your Smart Garden. They probably tell all their friends about it in their daily catch-ups.

10. Pets Are Happy When You’re Happy

Imagine how happy your pet will be when they discover you’ve invested in a Click & Grow product, taking steps towards a greener, healthier lifestyle. Your sheer delight is bound to rub off on them!

Blog credits: Click & Grow