How Much Water Does My Smart Garden Need?

How Much Water Does My Smart Garden Need?

Have you ever wondered whether you’ve filled your smart garden with enough water? If so, there’s a really easy way to know. Simply check the water float as you are watering the garden. When the float is level with the surface of the garden, your garden has enough water!

If the tank is too full and the float rises above the surface level of the garden, your garden may be overwatered. If you are growing with the Smart Garden 3, it’s worth checking that no water has entered the float. If this has happened, it will give an incorrect indication of the water level. As a result, you could overfill the tank by accident. 

Overfilling leads to excess moisture in the plant cup and that will affect root health. Some plants are more sensitive to excess moisture than others but it will definitely decrease plant performance and cause the plants to die back prematurely.

On average, a full water tank can last for 2-3 weeks, depending on the plant type and growing stage. Young plants naturally take up less water than older plants. As your plants begin to mature, you may notice you have to fill your water tank more regularly. Water usage also depends on temperature. When it's warmer than usual, plants use up the water in the tank more quickly. Also, if the garden is exposed to direct sunlight, even more water will evaporate through the leaves.

Water tank capacity

Smart Garden 3: 1.2 litres / 40 oz 

Smart Garden 9: 4 litres / 135 oz 

Pro tip

Avoid letting your water tank become completely empty. Keep the water level topped up so that 2/3 of the wick is always in water. This extends the life of the wick and helps prevent a buildup of minerals.

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