Indoor Herb Garden: Best Benefits & Reasons to Grow

Indoor Herb Garden: Best Benefits & Reasons to Grow

Ask anyone at Grow Smart Greens and we’ll tell you the same thing: our community is the reason why we exist! Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Your passion for indoor gardening inspires us to keep innovating and moving forwards. 

We recently spoke to some members of our community, asking them about their experiences of growing with us. The responses were heartwarming and we’d like to share a few of our favourite quotes with you.

Why indoor gardening?

 We all have a story to share about what led us to indoor gardening. Perhaps you tried it out of curiosity or maybe you’ve always wanted to grow your own food. Whatever the reason, we believe it’s one of the healthiest decisions you’ll ever make. Here are just a few of the many reasons why Grow Smart Greeners decided to get an indoor garden:

Indoor Herb Garden: Best Benefits & Reasons to Grow


Nupur: “I live in an apartment so I can’t have a garden outdoors. I started looking at some options and the two that really came up were Grow Smart Greens and some other Hydroponic systems. The Hydroponic Systems just seemed really daunting; you have to consider nutrients and timing and it just seemed like too much, especially as I’ve never grown anything before. With Grow Smart Greens, everything just comes in the pod and you put it in and then things grow. I thought: that’s what I’m looking for!”

Anushka: “I grew up gardening with my grandma and, now living in the city, wanted that to be available to me, not just during the summertime. It’s so simple and accessible for living in an apartment.”

Nikita: “I live in Delhi, so I can’t do a lot of growing up here. For my own benefit, I wanted to be able to grow some stuff from home. We have extreme temperatures here and most of my windows are not really great for getting natural sunlight. In order to grow something, I needed a grow light and Grow Smart Greens seemed like a really good system for that. Even though we get packaged herbs, they are full of chemicals and grown using pesticides and it’s not always the best. So, to have really good quality food has been a game changer.” 

Rohit: “I wanted to do gardening as a hobby but I live in an apartment so I don’t have space for a garden. After researching different options, I decided to go for Grow Smart Greens. I chose the smart indoor garden because I wanted to start growing my own food.”

Sanjay: “Last year, as we were sent home for the first lockdown, I decided to take the plunge and ordered a Smart Garden 9. I decided on that because I saw it as sort of a hobby and, since I like to grow plants, it was perfect. Since then, I’ve added two more Smart Garden 9s… I love them!

Harish: "I really like to grow plants but in my house I have no balcony and there’s not enough sunlight. I got a smart indoor garden because I really wanted to grow edibles. Smart gardens are clean and kids can use them too."

Benefits of indoor gardening

We’re always curious about the way indoor gardening impacts peoples lives. According to the Grow Smart Greeners we spoke to, here are some of the biggest benefits of using a smart indoor garden:

Nupur: “When we first got our Grow Smart Greens, my seven year old helped me set up the entire thing. Within two weeks everything was sprouted and luscious and in a month we were eating our food so it was amazing. It’s extremely easy!”

Nikita: “It’s a foolproof growing system. You basically pop the plant in, water it when you need to and the system does the rest.”

Growing herbs on counter top Soil less plants


Anushka: “One of the benefits is having the food available right there and knowing who has touched it and what has gone into growing it. Another benefit is that all day long my 10 year old will go to the smart garden and snip off little bits of basil or whatever she’s in the mood for. To see that passion instilled in my children for fresh and healthy food is really amazing as a mother."

Harish: “The biggest benefit is fresh food. It’s fresh, it’s right there, you can walk into the kitchen and grab some basil and put it on your sandwich. You can also grow flowers to cheer you up, especially when it’s cold. The aromas make you want to be in the kitchen and cook something instead of going and buying something else. It makes you want to try new foods”.

Sanjay: “Fresh food, for sure. Being able to go from my kitchen to my smart indoor garden and just clip a few pieces that I need is great. I don’t have to worry that I’ve purchased something and it’s already gone bad. The smart garden has also increased my skills and helped me branch out into growing more plants outside. You can always tell when I’m using Grow Smart Greens plants in my cooking because it’s just got that little bit of extra pop and I really enjoy that. Levelling up my cooking game has been a success story for me.”

Ranvijay: “It’s small so it fits really nicely on my kitchen counter and it’s really good for small apartments. I’ve also travelled with it too! It encourages me to be healthier. I can grow my own herbs and use them in my cooking.”

Smita: “I only see benefits, especially during a pandemic and living alone. Caring for something really helps your mental state. I usually add a Facebook picture every Sunday. I’m very proud of my gardens.” 


Ahmed: “To me, the biggest benefit is to have fresh herbs for when I cook. It’s just very convenient. Buying them from the store isn’t always easy and with a smart indoor garden you know what you’re growing… you know you’re not using chemicals and other nasties. I’m still working on my eating habits but growing my own fresh greens has certainly helped. There have been a ton of times that I’ve bought red kale from the store only to have it go bad because I’m the only one eating it. Having my own fresh supply in my kitchen, I can cut off as little or as much as I need. I definitely add some to every meal.”

Nupur: “Mental health is the biggest benefit for me. It’s exciting, it gives you something to look forward to.”

Nikita: “One of the benefits is a healthier lifestyle for kids. They know what we are growing. They see this natural food being grown and it’s a good example for them to follow. When you grow your own food you know that there aren’t any fertilizers or anything dangerous for your health. Now I know what healthy basil looks like. I know that growing food at home is environmentally friendly.”

Harish: “It’s started a big interest in gardening. I like how, when I go on holiday, I can leave the system for a week and I don’t have to ask someone to water my plants everyday. If you don’t have an outdoor space or you lack sunlight indoors, a smart indoor garden allows you to do so much more with plants.”

Plants, plants and more plants!

We all have our favourite plants, whether they’re herbs, salad greens, fruiting plants or flowers. Smart gardens make it possible to grow the plants you love indoors. Here’s what our community members had to say about their favourite Grow Smart Greens plants:

Nikita: “Pink and Blue petunia are great.. The red kale is super easy to grow and tastes good. I also like the way the red kale looks. I actually think it’s very pretty. When you see it, especially in a smart garden and you grow multiple red kale pods, it’s really quite pretty. You walk into the kitchen and it is red-ish purple and really pretty. My absolute favourite is the collection of basils because they get so tall and they’re so good.”

Nupur: “I wanted to be able to have some herbs, some greens and some sort of fruit or vegetable. I think that has dramatically helped us, even by reducing the number of trips we make to the grocery store because we have it right here in our home.”

Anushka: “I really enjoy growing dwarf basil. It’s a gorgeous little plant. The herbs are great too and the peppers have been really pretty as well as they grow into their flowering stage.”

Ranveer: “I like Thai basil and chili peppers. I’ve used the herbs for mutton and chicken curries that I make often.”

Sanjay: “I use more herbs now, which is great because it’s also a way to cook using natural products and lower the salt quantities you use. Using more herbs, food can get tastier and you don’t find the need to use more salt to intensify flavours. I’ve also been drinking more infusions using fresh herbs.”

Harish: “Most fun are fruiting plants such as mini tomatoes. You get to pollinate them and watch them grow. I also like the indoor smart gardens because it’s very compact but it grows quite large. I had a plant that I started growing in 2018 and it lasted more than two years in the Grow Smart Greens system. Now I’ve moved to a new house with a garden so I planted it outside. Basil is also really great. Grow Smart Greens has lots of flowers that last very long. I also like to grow my own plants in the system using the experimental pods. I like to transfer the plants from my smart gardens to my own pots after a while.”

Visual appeal

Nupur: “That’s one of my favourite parts. I love a very simplistic, minimalist look and I feel like it really flows with that style.”

Nikita: “The smart indoor garden lamp makes the place brighter. You don’t need an overhead light in your room, it’s very pretty. The smart garden 9 is just so beautiful and everyone who sees it is curious. It’s just so clean and modern.” 

Harish: “The Grow Smart Greens system is nicer to look at than other smart gardens out there. So, if you want to entertain a lot of people at your house, the Grow Smart Greens system is better.”

Ranvijay: “The Smart Garden 9 is perfection. The system just looks so nice and sleek.”

Caring Instagram Community

When you own a smart indoor garden, you become part of a caring community. A great way to hone your indoor gardening skills and connect with other like minded people is to join our Instagram community. 



Who would you recommend a smart garden to?

Nupur: “Oh, my goodness, I've basically already suggested it to everybody. I got my sister one and my mom, my mother in law and my grandma!”

Nikita: “I bought one for my mom for Mother’s Day because she saw it and she wanted one. I would recommend this to anyone, especially people with kids. Kids don’t usually like vegetables but if they see them growing at home, it’ll make them want to taste them.”

Akanksha: “I would recommend this to someone who loves to grow plants and doesn’t always have access to an outside garden. Also to people who usually say they 'kill plants': the system is so easy to use that even they will be growing plants in no time! I would also recommend it to people who like to cook and use herbs.”

Harish: “I’ve recommended it to my friends several times. They mostly ask about it via Facebook after they see pictures of my gardens. I tell them how I was never one to plant things or grow things and how Grow Smart Greens pretty much took my life by storm. It’s an absolutely great  investment. All in all, Grow Smart Greens has been a wonderful addition to my world. I continue to recommend it to everyone.”

What advice would you give to newcomers?

Nupur: “Get excited! Try all the pods and see which ones you fall in love with. Get the pruning shears (they are wonderful) and have chopsticks on hand to help support your plants.”

Akanksha: “Don’t give up if something doesn’t sprout immediately. Just give it a chance to grow.”

Harish: “Be patient. Some pods grow so quickly and, when that happens, we become accustomed to thinking every pod will be like that.”

Ranvijay: “Be willing to read the plant information that’s available!”

Ahmed: “Show other people what you’re growing and get ideas from them too. ”

Smita: “Read the instructions, watch some YouTube videos, follow them on Instagram for more information and updated"

A big thanks to the Grow Smart Greeners who shared their testimonials with us. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the perfect indoor smart garden for you and begin your indoor gardening adventure today!