Quick and Tasty Grilled Kale Recipe | Click & Grow

Quick and Tasty Grilled Kale Recipe | Click & Grow

Kale’s status has rocketed in recent years. No longer is it an underused, overlooked green. Today it’s recognized as one of the trendiest ingredients on menus around the world. It’s being blended into smoothies, used in green goddess soups and even ‘massaged’ before being  dropped into salads (yes, massaging salad leaves is a thing now!) But long before kale became known as a ‘hipster’ of the vegetable world, it enjoyed legendary status in the Middle Ages. It was considered the ultimate leafy green thanks to the fact it was super easy to grow, relatively frost resistant and a nutritious addition to daily meals. 

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Much later on during World War II, kale was among several vegetables people were urged to cultivate. One of the key reasons was it’s high nutritional value - ideal for covering nutrient deficiencies during times of rationing. Today, we know that kale is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins A and C. In fact, one cup (20 grams) of kale’s fresh leaves provides 7% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin A, 26% of vitamin C and 90% of vitamin K. It also provides 10% of your RDA of manganese. With With our Red Kale plant pod variety, there’s no better time to join the kale revolution! Kale’s flavor is mild and earthy while its leaves have a satisfying, crunchy texture that becomes slightly tender when cooked.

How To Make Grilled Kale

Ready to use your freshly harvested Red kale? If so, we highly recommend this recipe! It’s a fast, fun, easy way to make crispy kale with a smoky undertone. Grilled kale is best enjoyed as a snack with beer or a tasty addition to burgers, salads and grilled meat & veggies. 


Bunch of fresh kale leaves

Splash of olive oil

Pinch of salt


grilled kale
1. Add a splash of olive oil to kale leaves and mix gently so that all leaves are covered.
2. Place leaves on the grill. Kale turns crispy quickly, it takes about a minute depending on the temperature. 

grilled kale
3. Remove the leaves from the heat just when they start to turn brownish at the edges. Protip: avoid direct heat, otherwise kale will burn and turn black immediately! 
4. Add some salt and enjoy!

Have fun with this recipe and let us know how it goes for you!

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