Smart Garden: The Perfect Sustainable Wedding Gift

Smart Garden: The Perfect Sustainable Wedding Gift

The Indian wedding season is here!

Most of us have seen Big Fat Indian weddings but the pandemic taught us the beauty of small & intimate wedding ceremonies. Even though the e-invites state “No Gifts, Only Blessings” all of us invest in a gift for the newly married couple. 
Wedding gifts have a long-lasting impact on the couple’s life. It is usually something that stays with them forever. Most couples start their own life after marriage. They get their own space, the excitement of decorating their own house is unreal & that is where you can make an impact. 
We have the perfect, eco-friendly & sustainable gift that you can get for the newly married couple. A smart indoor garden
What is a Smart Garden?
Smart Indoor Gardens are your best friends when it comes to indoor gardening. No sunlight? No worries. It is the simplest gardening system that can be set up in 3 easy steps. 
Here’s why people prefer gifting a smart garden for weddings -

It is a sustainable gift 

An indoor gardening system is the best sustainable gifting option. It lets you grow your own herbs, veggies & fruits. The produce from the Smart Gardens is free of pesticides, harmful chemicals, GMO’s & preservatives. 

Looks stylish and luxurious

The minimalistic & Nordic design can fit into any corner of the house. It is the most unique home-decor piece. The Smart Gardens are compact & fit easily on kitchen shelves. Gift a Bundle of Petunias along with the Smart Garden & it can be a great centerpiece in the living room.

It is a thoughtful & unique gift

The concept of Smart Gardens is fairly new in India. People are slowly catching on to the trend of owning a Smart Garden. Everyone is caught up with work & they barely have the time to look after plants. It can get overwhelming especially on busy workdays or during vacations. Smart Gardens require zero maintenance. Once you plug it in and add water, you don’t have to worry about your plant’s health. Be the first one to gift it & we promise you, it’ll be a head-turner. 

Lots of benefits

The Smart Garden is residue-free. It does not require sunlight. The plant pods are biodegradable. It consumed 95% less water & has proved to give 30% faster growth. Aside from this, the plants that grow in the Smart Garden contain 600% more vitamins than anything that is store-bought.

Order a Smart Garden for the newlyweds & be a part of their memorable day forever!

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