The Perfect Gift For Your Best Friend's Virtual Wedding

The Perfect Gift For Your Best Friend's Virtual Wedding

The Indian wedding season is here! Most of us have seen Big Fat Indian weddings but the pandemic has made us realise the importance of little things. Virtual dates, virtual birthday parties, virtual anniversary celebrations, virtual watch parties, we have done it all. While most of us are still stuck in a different city, away from our near and dear ones, it should not stop us from sending them, love.

The feeling of not being able to attend your best friend’s feeling can be depressing. You have been together through thick and thin - bad break-ups, family drama, ranting sessions, drunk times & so much more. You have always had her back and looked out for her. You can still do that virtually!

We have the perfect, eco-friendly & sustainable wedding gift! A smart indoor garden - the perfect gardening solution for modern urban homes. 

What is a Smart Garden?

Smart Indoor Gardens are your best friends when it comes to indoor gardening. No sunlight? No worries. It is the simplest gardening system that is meant for urban gardeners.

Here are 4 reasons why your best friend is going to love the Smart Garden 

1. Click & Grow plants grow in 100% clean soil

Smart soil is at the heart of our technology and we make sure it's 100% clean. Every smart soil batch is monitored and checked against 500 of the most commonly used chemicals in agriculture before producing plant pods. Produce grown in a smart garden is free from fungicides, pesticides, heavy metals, MSG, hormones, sodium nitrites, sulfites, trans fats and any other harmful substances that can be found in grocery store produce. Our plants also contain very low amounts of nitrate residuals. Even though nitrates are natural food components, their metabolites and the reactions they produce in the body have raised health concerns

2. No added salt

It can be very easy to exceed your recommended daily allowance for salt. Unfortunately, a lot of supermarket salads contain unhealthy amounts of salt. Click & Grow produce contains no added salt whatsoever. In fact, you can use your smart garden to grow fresh herbs that can be used as healthy alternatives to salt.

3. Full control over how your food is handled

When growing food in a smart garden, you enjoy peace of mind knowing strangers have not touched your food. By growing your own edible plants it is unlikely that they will be contaminated (for example with E. coli.) Still, it’s a good old school precaution to wash your hands before handling any food. You also get to watch your plants grow from tiny seedlings into luscious greens. You can harvest the plants yourself and enjoy each bite knowing your food is 100% clean and fresh. It’s a real privilege to grow your own food at your own chosen location.

4. Enjoy food that does not come in BPA packaging

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic compound found in numerous plastics and canned food containers, associated with many health complications. You can enjoy growing with Click & Grow knowing that none of our products contain BPA. In fact, our packaging is now more sustainable than ever. 

5. Being self sustainable by growing your own edibles brings comfort

Having a stock of herbs and vegetables is another form of food safety, especially during uncertain times and lockdown periods. It brings peace of mind knowing you can grow vitamin-rich plants at home no matter what restrictions come into effect.

Your best friend deserves this! Buy an Indoor Smart Garden TODAY!