This Father's Day, invest in your Dad's health

This Father's Day, invest in your Dad's health

This Father's day,

Be your dad's superhero.

By Anushree

They say dads are superheroes. But who says superheroes don’t need to be cared for? This Father’s Day invest in your superhero’s health and happiness. Its time we pamper our dads for a change. This year, let’s celebrate fathers around the world, acknowledge their roles in our lives, and express love gratitude for everything they do for us. 


Here are a few reasons why our Indoor Gardens are the smartest way to invest in your dad’s health.  

1. It will boost his health    

When it comes to eating healthy, owning an Indoor smart garden can be a game changer for dad. Fresh homegrown greens are super nutritious. In fact, it’s recommended that an adult’s weekly diet should include 1.5 cups of any dark green vegetable along with 4 cups of other green vegetables. It’s no surprise considering they’re full of nutrients and help cover for vitamin, mineral and antioxidant deficiencies. A smart garden makes it easy for dad to grow powerful greens such as Green chard, Pak choi, leaf mustard, Red and Green Kale, and many more


2.   It’s a gift for the long run, it’s an investment. 

An Indoor smart garden is a gift that keeps on giving, built to last for years. Unlike many cliché Father’s Day gifts, the smart garden is something dad would not have expected. It’s novel and shows you’ve put some thought into what you’ll get him. In several years’ time when other gifts have been forgotten, you’ll be happy to see he’s still using the smart garden you gave him! There will always be new plant varieties to explore and experiment with. You’re not just giving him a gift; you are adding health into his lifestyle in an innovative way!


3. It will help lower his stress levels. 

Whether dad likes to admit it or not, he experiences stress too. Plants have been proven to help reduce stress. In fact, according to papers such as this, plants can help boost several areas of life. This includes our social, physical, psychological, cognitive, environmental and spiritual well-being. Research indicates that indoor plants can reduce office worker’s stress. It was suggested that having a small plant on the desk and looking at it for a few minutes could help lower stress levels. Why not get dad a smart garden for his home office or work office?


4.  Watching Plants grow is therapeutic. 

Gardening is frequently used in mental health services and with good reason. For years, researchers have been demonstrating the potential links between horticulture and mental well-being. Studies suggest that gardening can be an effective stress reliever, even more so than reading. When one is tending to plants, they’re practicing mindfulness and taking a break from the digital world. It’s refreshing to pause for a moment and focus on nature!


Fathers shoulder a lot of responsibilities and are bound to be preys to stress and worry. Gift your dad a hobby and a mental pick me up in the form of a sleek, fully automated Indoor Smart Garden.

This Father’s Day, be your Dad’s Superhero.