Why a Smart Indoor Garden is the Perfect Gift for a Bride To Be

Why a Smart Indoor Garden is the Perfect Gift for a Bride To Be

The planning phase of a wedding is the most exciting time for the couple and the families but at the same time it can also get stressful especially for the Bride To Be. She has so much on her plate - decor, outfits, guestlist, salon visits.. the list goes on. One can easily forget about their own health and mental well being when there is so much to do. However, it is important for the Bride To Be to relax and focus on herself. Plants are a wonderful source of inspiration. Among other things, they have the amazing ability to help us to relax.

An indoor Smart Garden lets you grow your favourite plants all year round & here's why it can benefit a Bride To Be -

Help you sleep better

Plants such as basil are known for their soothing effects on the mind and body. Drinking teas made of certain plants can also assist with sleep. Also, plants give your bedroom a more soothing, welcoming atmosphere, helping you unwind.

Facilitate healing

Tending to plants can be a great way to focus the mind away from ruminating thoughts. Research suggests that being in close proximity to plants can enhance your health. Pre-wedding jitters, tiredness and emotional stress can be healed by tending to plants. 


Absorb background noise

Plants with a large surface area can help reduce background noise. Surrounding yourself with indoor plants could help absorb the noise of traffic if you live near a busy road. Try placing plants around the periphery of your room. Sound will be able to bounce off the walls and into the leaves. This can ensure peace of mind before the big day.


Keep acne at bay

Did you know that tomatoes are very good at treating acne? They are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K, which are often found in acne medications.
Specifically, vitamin C protects your skin from pollutants, free radicals and damage from the Sun. Vitamin C also stimulates the production of collagen, a connective tissue that helps with skin firmness and cell renewal. You can grow your very own mini tomatoes in a smart garden.



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