Winter Gardening: Indoors and Outdoors

Winter Gardening: Indoors and Outdoors

During the harsh winter months when it’s nearly impossible to grow anything outdoors, an indoor garden is a perfect solution for growing fresh, organic food. Don’t forget your outdoor garden, though. Plants still need to be taken care of and the garden needs to be prepared for the spring.

Growing indoors

Thanks to indoor gardens, you can easily grow herbs, fruits, and salad greens from home, any time of year. You won't have to worry about cold weather affecting your plants.

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How does it work?

Click & Grow’s smart indoor gardens are self-growing. They feature energy-efficient LED grow lights with an inbuilt timer, ensuring plants have the optimal amount of light each day. 

Click & Grow’s pre-seeded plant pods feature smart soil technology. Smart soil automatically provides plants with all the nutrients they need. 

Smart gardens also have inbuilt water floats that indicate when it’s time to water the garden. Learn more about Click & Grow’s unique technology here.

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What kind of plants can you grow?

Almost anything! Choose from an ever-growing range of plant pods, or use experimental pods to grow your own seeds.

Want to grow fresh basil during the winter? No problem, Click & Grow has a large collection of basil, including cinnamon basildwarf basilholy basil, and Thai basil. All can be grown indoors with a smart garden. 

Want to make a delicious salad? Click & Grow’s collection contains leafy greens such as pak choigreen chard, and many more.

If you have a passion for spicy food, grow some hot chillies to spice up your meals during the winter. Varieties include chili pepperpurple chili pepper and red hot chili pepper.

Are you a tea lover? Many of Click & Grow’s plants can be used to make a perfect cup of tea, ideal for warming you on a cold winter’s night. Varieties include lemon basil, marjoram, and many more.

You can also grow decorative plants to boost your interior decor during the cold, grey winter months. Popular choices include petuniabusy lizzie, and white snapdragon among several others.


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