Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller

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Grow stunning Dusty Miller in your indoor garden!

Also known as Silver Ragwort, Dusty Miller is a beautiful decorative plant that is well-known due to it's wool-like/felt-like texture and unique appearance. Dusty Miller is heat tolerant (grows well between 18 - 26 °C / 64 - 79 °F) and requires minimal effort. Start growing Dusty Miller today and you won't be able to keep your hands off it's woolly comforting texture!

Click & Grow Dusty Miller benefits: 

  • It's completely safe - no GMO's, herbicides or pesticides are used in Click & Grow products
  • The Smart Garden does all the work - watering, light and nutrient dispersion is automated
  • Easiest way to bring a touch of nature into any space or room
  • All plant pods come with seeds and nutrients already included
  • Grow any plant 365 days a year and in any climate


Plant Care

Senecio bicolor

Plant is not edible. Not poisonous.

Sprouts in: 7 - 14 days

Lasts up to: 22 weeks

Grows best at: 18°C – 26°C

  • It is best grown at temperatures 18 - 26 °C / 64 - 79 °F, higher temperatures may inhibit germination and growth.
  • Dusty Miller requires very little care. At some point, the lower leaves may wither but this is just nature taking its course. Removing some debris is the only care it needs.
  • It is best grown with one lamp arm from the day it is clicked in. It will stop growing at a certain height. If needed, you may trim it back by making the cut just above the previous pair of true leaves, new shoots will appear soon.
  • Thanks to its calm-looking foliage it is a great companion plant for other flowers in Click and Grow pod selection, like pansies and petunias.

    *** Each refill pack contains a set of three same plant pods

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