Lime Basil
Lime Basil
Lime Basil

Lime Basil

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Grow fresh Lime Basil in your indoor herb garden!

We love the basil family with its many varieties. Lime basil is a close cousin of lemon basil, boasting a zesty flavour and sweet citrus aroma that is true to its name. It has all the same benefits and uses as basil generally has, so you can use it similarly in drinks and dishes. Lime basil, however, will always add a unique citrus twist to your dish. That's what makes it so special. Why not substitute lime in a recipe with some lime basil?

Click & Grow Lime Basil benefits:

  • Basil is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants
  • By following plant care tips you'll get more yield and extend plant viability
  • You'll get a garden-to-plate experience from your own kitchen
  • Basil is great for drying and saving for later to avoid food waste
  • Not commonly found in the fresh produce section - grow your own all year round!

      Plant Care

      Ocimum basilicum

      Edible plant.

      Sprouts in: 7 - 14 days

      Harvest in: 5 - 12 weeks

      Grows best at: 18°C – 30°C

      • For this herb, there is no limit to the number of seedlings per pod. Just let it thrive!
      • Use one lamp arm to grow basil and avoid raising the lamp too high. If it grows too tall just cut it back, this will also promote new growth - that means more yield.
      • Lime basil likes to be cut! You can start trimming your plants about a month after planting. You may remove single leaves occasionally... But, for more thriving growth, pinching off the whole tip is recommended - it will grow two new shoots in a week.
      • Please note that basil is an annual plant. It does not last forever. If it has been ten weeks and the plant looks aged, it is time to replace the pod.
      *** Each refill pack contains a set of three same plant pods

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