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Grow colorful Gazania at home!

Give your home a splash of color by growing gazania flowers. With their cheerful, daisy-like appearance and easygoing nature, these soft climate perennials will instantly make your space more inviting.

Gazania flowers close in the evening and come back to full bloom the next morning, a natural plant behavior called nyctinasty. It's a perfect plant for children to explore the wonders of nature.

Click & Grow Gazania benefits:

  • Bright, cheery colors to make your home more welcoming
  • Gazania comes with a fun factor, as the flowers close for the night (for bedtime)
  • It's a mix of colors from yellow to orange to red. Starts flowering just fifty days after planting
  • Watch it's deep green foliage emerge approximately two weeks after planting
  • Super easy to grow in your smart garden in every climate

    Plant Care

    Gazania rigens

    Plant is not edible. Not poisonous.

    Sprouts in: 7 - 14 days

    Lasts up to: 18 weeks

    Grows best at: 18°C – 30°C

    • Gazania may need up to two weeks to sprout. After sprouting you will see a beautiful deep green foliage forming.
    • To prolong Gazania flowering period in your indoor garden it is suggested to leave just one or two strongest seedlings in one pod, just gently pull out extra seedlings or transplant them to the pods that did not spout, if there are any.
    • Gazania flowers appear about fifty days after planting and come in various bright colors, with yellow, orange, and even red petals, along with beautiful deep green foliage.
    • Gazania withered flowers require deadheading so that the plant would have the resources to produce even more flowers, not seeds.
    • It is best done on a sunny day- then you can see which flowers do not open to bloom and you can remove those withered flowers with the stem, make sure you leave young emerging flowers to bloom.
    • While the plant is growing remove any debris. It is only natural that some lower leaves may die back as the plant matures.
      *** Each refill pack contains a set of three same plant pods

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