Smart Garden 9 - Pesto Mix
Smart Garden 9 - Pesto Mix
Smart Garden 9 - Pesto Mix
Smart Garden 9 - Pesto Mix
Smart Garden 9 - Pesto Mix

Smart Garden 9 - Pesto Mix

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Grow fresh herbs for Pesto in your own indoor Smart Garden!
This Pesto Mix allows you to grow 3 varieties of fresh basil in your Click & Grow indoor garden all year round.

Contains the following:

Click And Grow Smart Garden 9 + Pesto Mix Plant Pods 

  • 3 x Red Basil Plant Pods
  • 3 x Dwarf Basil Plant Pods
  • 3 x Thai Basil Plant Pods
Total 9 Plant Pods.


How to use:

Insert plant pods into your smart garden and watch your herbs grow. Start harvesting in 30 - 40 days after planting and add to salads, smoothies, tea blends, pizza, and sandwiches for that extra bite of health and flavour. Start harvesting stems once the leaves are of decent size. From every cut stem, two new shoots will appear! Spice up your homemade pesto with some new flavours! Do not forget to refill your Smart Garden with new plant pods by the end of 4 months!

Click & Grow indoor gardening benefits:

  • Enjoy clean healthy food - No herbicides, pesticides, or other toxins in Click & Grow products
  • Smart Gardens are easy to use, just add plant pods, water and the garden does all the work
  • You will get a garden-to-plate experience from your own kitchen

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